Canterbury Wines is a fine wine supplier based in Melbourne run by father and son team, Nick and Tristan Munday. Our aim is to supply quality wines that offer exceptional value for money and to provide service of the highest standard. In other words, the complete antithesis of the modern retail chain, where every wine produced by the big companies, irrespective of quality, is stocked; where smaller company wines are largely ignored, where staff do not have the knowledge to assist you the customer, and where service is not a high priority.

Canterbury Wines is about sharing the wine experience and supplying a superior range of products. We pride ourselves on supplying quality wine from premium wine producers that offer exceptional value for money. We hand-pick a selection from the hundreds of wines we taste. You don’t need to be concerned with the hundreds of also-rans when you can be drinking the best at every price point. We are incredibly fussy about the wines that we promote and are constantly amazed at the number of wines that we have sampled and rejected that are championed by other wine suppliers - often on the back of a good review from one or other wine critic. The decision to stock a wine is based purely on the wine's quality and the value it represents and customers can rest easy in the knowledge that all wines have been assessed against benchmark wines and come through with flying colours.

Our superior range of wines is backed up with quality service. Professional advice is free and you are encouraged to phone and discuss your needs or simply just have a chat about wine. Let us get to know your palate, likes and dislikes, so that we can provide wines that you will really enjoy. You are encouraged to buy mixed cases so that you can experience the widest range of tastes and if you wish, can join a regular wine plan whereby mixed dozens are delivered to your door at regular intervals.

Lastly but not least, our prices are often the cheapest in Australia, and if not, always competitive. Single bottles are discounted; you don't have to buy a dozen to receive a low price. We are also happy to try and match or beat any competitor's price on a current vintage wine.

About us

Nick Munday
Nick has been passionate about wine for all of his adult life. So in 2001, after 25 years as an engineer, he embarked on a career change and founded Canterbury Wines. Over the last 22 years he has been lucky enough to share his passion for wine with a large number of customers, many of whom have become good friends. He loves sourcing wines from around the world to share with others, focusing mainly on the smaller producers but not neglecting the big companies where appropriate. In 2022 he invited his son Tristan into the business and looks forward to the future with great optimism.

Tristan Munday
Tristan brings youth and energy and the creative touch to the business. While working as warehouse manager at an upmarket marquee company, Tristan completed a degree in Communication and Design. The skill set he has brought to the business has been pivotal in the production of this website and in bringing Canterbury Wines into a new era.